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5 Easy Daily Habits To Help You Be Safe From Germs!

With the news of virus & germs spreading all around us, and the havoc they can cause, we can do our little part in building a good, long lasting habit structure in our young children (and adults).

Take off shoes before you enter your house :

Your shoes have been to many unclean places, picked up all kinds of contaminated dirt,

and you don’t want that spreading in your castle.

House slippers can be worn indoors.

Place your bag in a designated area :

After you enter the house make sure you put your bags, backpacks, purses in designated areas. Refrain from placing them on top of your kitchen counters and dining tables. Bags have picked up plenty of germs depending on where they have been.

Change your clothing :

If you don't plan on going out again, then wash up or shower and change into clean home clothes.

Wash your hands with soap regularly :

  • After using the restroom.

  • Before and after you handle anything in the kitchen.

  • Before and after having snacks or meals.

Take care of your oral hygiene :

Rinse your mouth (if you can) with water a few times after you eat. This will get rid of temporary food stuck in your teeth.

Of course, a thorough teeth brushing routine twice a day is a must!

These tips will surely help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle for you and your family!


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