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The 5 Myths of Raising Successful Children!

Many parents feel limited with the opportunities available to them to raise successful children. Today I’m going to show you that there are many resources out there that can be accessed to break those myths.


Myth #1: The more I spend time with my kids and show them the way, the better they will turn out

Parents feel that the more time they spend with their children, the more they will be able to protect their children. However, there will be a time when you will not be around and they will find it harder to make decisions on their own. I recommend giving children the space to think for themselves. Guide them to where they can find solutions on their own and let them make a choice. Failure is a learning process – ask them questions and let them explore.

Myth #2: If my children go to elite or private schools and colleges, only then they will be successful

Some parents may feel that if they do not have the resources to send their children to elite or private schools, their children’s future may not be as bright as it would have been.  I’m here to tell you that your kids do not have to graduate from a prestigious school to succeed. Public schools can also offer rich resources and provide a strong foundation for a child’s future. My four children attended public school from kindergarten through high school. They were able to get admission to world-renowned universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley. They became entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and doctors.

Myth #3: If I associate with the right people, my children will go to good colleges

People often think that wealthy people are more well-connected and get special access to prestigious colleges and careers. If you’re not wealthy, you may wonder how and if your kids could get the same opportunities.

We researched all the requirements for our kids to get into top colleges. My son was admitted to Stanford; he applied to and won a full scholarship given by a local congressman. His entire college experience was funded, including room, board and books. We found creative ways to fund the education for all of my four children. You don’t have to be wealthy for your child to attend a prestigious college Do research about what it takes to get admitted to your child’s dream college. Talk to counselors, attend seminars and meet with people in the colleges that your child wishes to attend to get direction. Also look for scholarships and other funding opportunities which will make this dream true true. Unlimited scholarships are available from local and national organizations, like the local basketball team, religious organizations, local government and even department stores!

Myth #4: If I pay for my kids’ college, it will ease the burden on them for the future

We were often asked if we had a college fund set up for our children. But we did not. Parents think they need to save a lot to educate their children. But actually, working toward earning their own funding helps children respect and value money and build their resourcefulness. Our children learned discipline with finances and a work ethic that served them well for their lifetime. Free money is often taken for granted, and paying for their own college teaches them life skills that will help them respect money.

Myth #5: You’re born with a pre-destined path and the smartest kids will be the most successful

Many parents believe that no matter what you do, life is pre-destined.

Good luck and destiny will only take you so far; it’s the hard work that counts.


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