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Mindful vs Mindless

Unsupervised children get into several habits of mindless behavior if not guided properly. These unpleasant tendencies sometimes become lifelong practices if they are not corrected early in life.

Here are 6 habits that can be worked on early in life -

  1. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast— makes you focus better

  2. Limit technology use daily, at the dining table, sitting on a couch or in in bed. Always be aware of your sitting position—-helps in maintaining good posture

  3. Eat food or snacks from a plate/bowl instead of from the bag or while on the run. Take time to sit down and savor what you consume.——build a healthy relationship with food.

  4. Clean up after yourself —-it will teach you clutter control.

  5. Make sure you make eye contact when speaking to others.—-it will make conversation very personal.

  6. Washing your hands before eating should be a top priority —-saves you from spreading germs.

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