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To Ensure That Your Young Children Will Have A Good Day

Be in their room when they wake up, say a few loving words, hugs to inspire them.

Check that they have done their morning routines:

  • Used the bathroom

  • Brushed their teeth

  • Washed up and dressed.

Compliment them as they go!

If they are old enough, they should reasonably make their bed and tidy their room.

Give them a healthy breakfast, pack their lunches and be with them, if possible. Have a general conversation about their plans for school. Check with them if they have their completed homework in their bag packs, including projects (if any).

See them off on the bus or drive them to school, complete with hugs, smiles and goodbyes.

Try to be around when they come home from school and listen to them. Ask them about their day's experiences at school. Instead of asking general questions, you could also ask specifics like "Who made you smile today?", "Is there anything that made you unhappy?" and if they do respond with a "Yes", say "Tell me more!". Such questions will help them want to share with you.

It's okay if they don't want to share anything, just give them some space and time and let it be.


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